"When thou saidst, seek my face; my heart said unto thee, thy face, LORD, will I seek." -Psalm 27:8

Monday, May 30, 2016

Redwoods, Rhododendrons, Mist, A Sunset, and the Sea

The far northern coast of California is one of my most favorite of all places.  In the Springtime Rhododendrons begin to bloom, the mist envelopes the Redwoods in the morning hours and it becomes magical.  You expect to see a Unicorn coming out of the mist down the path where you are photographing.  You can hear the songs of the birds that inhabit this beautiful and mystical place.  Within a short driving distance you begin to see the Pacific Ocean along Highway 101.  There are small towns like Trinidad, its bays, and its memorial lighthouse.  You then can travel up the coast a little further and find Crescent City, its wonderful coastline, and perhaps be given the opportunity to capture one of God's magnificent sunsets.  Then you get up the next morning and start all over again, if you are blessed.  It was a wonderful 7 hour drive, one way,  a couple of weeks ago.  God blessed me with His many beautiful creations.  He is everywhere, if we would just take the time to see.  To God give all the glory, Amen.

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